Who is r kelly dating now

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Others, primarily […] Here is the latest on WWE’s plans for this year’s Summer Slam pay-per-view event.

At least if Atlanta official John Eaves has it his way! [ Even though venues taking it upon themselves to cancel concerts citing low ticket sales and a lack of interest, R. The singer is in the middle of a major sex scandal right now, in case you hadn't heard, and he's fighting back against the notion that the plug is being pulled on his concerts! Not only are they concerned about Joycelyn's safety and well-being, they haven't seen her for almost a year. The performer was singing in Virginia Beach, Virginia on Friday, and even though he referenced his recent troubles — saying cryptically that Perez predicted the Chris Pratt divorce! There were some on the corporate side that wanted Patron to be gone from the company. A video package opens the show focusing on John Cena […] UPDATED x 13: According to sources, there was a divided reaction within Global Force Wrestling and Anthem Media over how to handle Alberto El Patron after news of his altercation with Paige at an Orlando airport broke.And word on the street is that Kelly has fallen HEAD OVER HEELS for the girl, and is trying to put a ring on it. Recently, she also posted two fairly innocent pics to her Instagram that showed the two snuggled together and used captioned phrases like ‘the realist! ” Of course, once Twitter heard the news, opinions started flooding in as users started harping on Calhoun’s age, making references to Aaliyah and other alleged incidents involving Kelly and underage women.One commenter made note of their age difference by saying “R Kelly met his new girlfriend in his son’s kindergarten class and been waiting for her to turn legal ever since.” Ouch.So we’re not talking about rock-star misbehavior, which men or women can do. Their lives were ruined.” De Rogatis recalls one lawsuit filed against Kelly, a case he describes as “stomach-churning.” According to affidavits from one of Kelly’s alleged victims, the performer began his sexual relationship with her when she was “14 or 15,” as De Rogatis remembers. He picked up other girls and made them all have sex together.


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