Things that turn guys off when dating

Of course everyone's different, but we asked 20 ladies for their biggest turn ons, and collectively their answers paint a pretty vast and detailed picture. "If we're talking physical traits, then I like a little bit of facial hair (a little—NOT Duck Dynasty style facial hair).

[Read – 7 Ways to Attract a Guy That You Need To Start Following] Consider this list of what usually turns a guy off and you’ll probably agree that as beautiful and sweet as a woman can be, there is another side that guys, and even other girls find irritating. Mother Smother A lot of people say that men want to be with someone who reminds them of their mothers, but that doesn’t mean you have to act like his mother.

” to, “You crept out while I was asleep, never called me again, and now you’re asking about this crap?

” We’ve compiled a comprehensive cross section of various things that gay men would find to be a real turn off, whether it happens on a date, or it’s something that is suggested before a date.

There is nothing worse than being distracted by a girls pits or those accumulated clumps of deodorant on your underarms.

I know its hard to prevent, but be mindful of it before you leave the house! Don talk about your problems Everybody has them its just part of the human condition. Dont dote on them and make them the only topic of conversation, seeking my advice or approval.


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