Mtv dating shows fake

Recently the shows' creator, Adam Di Vello, and producers Tony Di Santo and Sean Travis, sat down with Refinery29 to explain exactly what they did to create the iconic show and got super frank about what was real and what was fake.LAUREN & JASON: Did Lauren really have to choose between Paris and Jason?"If we wrote the show, we would have had much bigger story lines than what we were dealing with... We were kind of shackled to the reality of what these people's situations were."In fact, when Lauren turned down Paris to stay with Jason, the producers were super disappointed. This is totally like ; it's great.' We'll go to Paris; we'll shoot an episode or something…and Lauren just didn't want to do it," Di Vello dished."The way we finally thought it through was that people do make mistakes in life.Women do choose the wrong guy; guys choose the wrong girl," he went on to share.

Varun went on to say that although Martina is a beautiful person, she went on to chose and different path and a different person. @martina_thariyan #cuz Il OVEIT #justlikethat #loveforwhite #whitesneakers #cute AF #instaupload #picoftheday #followme #Suraj Chhajed A photo posted by Suraj (@suraj_chhajed) on When people started questioning if their relationship was fake and just for the sake of the show, Varun said, “It was just for the was I wouldn’t have cared if it does bother me. My conscience doesn’t allow me to make you guys believe in something that has ended.Farrah is a major attention-seeker, even among reality stars.Travis: “There are things the cast does not want to talk about, like Lauren and the sex tape.Farrah also said that she and Simon aren't actually together, which is honestly priceless."We’re not together…I think people just got confused by me celebrating my birthday also in Jamaica which, oh well, I had a romantic dinner!Chantelle Connelly has announced that she and Jemma Lucy have never been in a relationship together, revealing that they deliberately fuelled the dating rumours because it was "a laugh" to get everyone talking.


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