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'We have a wealth of male and female clients - most of them successful business people but also celebrities and well known politicians.''We have two kinds of clients - men and women who have worked really hard and are at the stage in their thirties where they want to get married and have kids, and the men and women who have been married for years, their kids have grown up, they've separated and it's their second time around.'Those who have been divorced never want to go through that again. So when my clients come to me in that situation it's very comforting for them to know that they can meet someone who is also financially independent.' Someone for everyone: 'So when my clients come to me in that situation it's very comforting for them to know that they can meet someone who is also financially independent,' she said of her divorced clientele'We do a lot of research and we talk about where they stand with looks, what they are looking for and the total non-negotiables.Hobbies aren't a big deal but many guys with money are boat people here and it's really important for them to have someone who loves boats.'I then organise a date for them and hear from both parties how they feel it went.Cottsloe Beach This is one of the most popular beaches in western Australia and will be great for taking your date, if you go at sunset you’ll see stunning views and walking along the sandy beach will be a romantic way to get to know your date.The clear water and gentle waves make it a brilliant spot for swimming and snorkelling so if you fancy a more active date, you could always spend the day here!You can chat to your date and enjoy the laid back environment of the place why grabbing a bite to eat.Sounds like a pretty great way to get to know someone!

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Image Source La Veen Coffee A coffee date will always go down well and especially so if you take them to La Veen Coffee, this place is on trend and serves up not just your perfect coffee favourite, but some mouth watering dishes too.

I know what it does to someone when they don't have a partner because I saw it in my dad,' Ms Ward said.

'When I was 19 I got a job at one of the biggest matchmaking firms in Perth and by 23 had bought my own business.

Customers of The Bean Shop in Perth received emails from the payments giant warning their accounts will be suspended if they do not sign an affidavit promising they will not do anything further against US laws.

The message also says the customers’ violations of the trade rules have been reported to the American Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).


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