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We just aren't that serious." is on a 60-city tour to ballyhoo her Women's Prison.

In Houston, the red-blooded Texans almost tear her clothes off.

“You can’t be as spontaneous with a dog woman," he explained. He seemed smart and unusually self-aware for a 31-year-old guy, and his social skills were off the chain.

) Apparently a cat-lady connoisseur, Sam professed his preference for cat women over dog ladies. You can’t just have fun and see where the night takes you." like dogs, you know? We talked for three hours, with him memorably uttering the line “herpes biscotti,” which made me laugh til I got teary.But one of Cleo's New Orleans friends, oil-wealthy John Owen, is arriving and things may be different then." causes a scandal while doing a live Chicago TV promotional kiss with Jack Eigen, radio and TV veteran for ABC affiliate WBKB, in what he terms an experiment testing of the reaction of TV audiences.The kiss lasts approximately 5 minutes and 17 seconds. Eigen is fired after protests from hundreds of women viewers charging him with "vulgarity, coarseness, and bad taste." Eigen says: "I have no guilty conscience.In the music video for the Monster High Fright Song, while Cleo de Nile herself does appear in animation, she is also cast with several other character analogues who received creative interpretation by the video crew. In the English version of the cartoon, Cleo's voice is provided by Salli Saffioti, who also happens to provide the voice for Clawdeen Wolf, in "Scaris: City of Frights" their voice was provided by Salli Saffioti under the alias Celeste Henderson. In the Latin American version of the cartoon, Cleo's voice is provided by Rocío Bermúdez in the first and second volume, but since the third volume her voice is provided by Valentina Souza.She was portrayed by Megan Nicole in the You Tube video of the Monster High special song "Digital Monsters, We are Proud".is heralded "Miss Plastic Art." She poses in her costume, in which everything is made entirely of plastic, from the orchid in her hair to her gloves, to illustrate the variety of plastic arts that will be displayed at the California Hobby Show, held at Shrine Convention Hall, May 27.


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