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As trafficking is run by illegal gangs and the communities involved are poor and remote, official data is patchy and likely underestimates the scale of the problem, experts say.

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Hien Nhan, who owns the Polo Bar in the central part of bustling Ho Chi Minh City, said that Vietnamese-American women do have reasons to worry. They exercise.” And they are not afraid to let foreigners know they are open to a frolic, a fling or something more serious. Otherwise, I get into trouble.” Those who get a second visa often have strict limits placed on them, said San Jose’s Peter Nguyen, who until recently had a girlfriend in Ho Chi Minh City.

H'mong ethnic teenager May Na (whose name has been changed to protect her identity) sits in the living room at a government-run centre for trafficked women in the northern Vietnamese city of Lao Cai, May 9, 2014 When Kiab turned 16, her brother promised to take her to a party in a tourist town in northern Vietnam.

Women are worried The tension over this issue has reached epic proportions in the Bay Area Vietnamese community and elsewhere. Any time a man travels back alone, she added, it’s assumed he’s not just going to visit Uncle Vu or Cousin Thuy but to play in a country with an abundance of attractive young women.

Vietnamese comedy skits poke fun at the household strife and pop performers sing about it. “There is not a Vietnamese family (in Silicon Valley) that doesn’t know a man who has done this,” Tien said.

“So I rarely disclose my upcoming trip until the last minute. The longer she knows, the longer I have to bear the pain.” Thirty-six years after the Vietnam War ended, Communist government officials openly welcome Vietnamese-Americans back, even those who fought against them.China suffers from one of the worst gender imbalances in the world as families prefer male children.As a result millions of men now cannot find Chinese brides -- a key driver of trafficking, according to rights groups.The most common scene shows a girl in a forest, trailing a male figure grabbing her by the wrist.“They may pretend to be your friend so they can take you away,” a tiny scrawl reads.n the back wall of the classroom at Sapa O’Chau, a bootstrap operation in Sapa town, far northern Vietnam, where hill tribe children study to be tour guides, colored-pencil drawings depict young girls with tears streaming down their faces.


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